Get Lost in the FEELS of a Good Book.

Explore an intentional selection of previously-loved books and handmade candles

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    12 oz of silky ribbons of soft roses, calming lavender & comforting vanilla to set the mood during your next steamy date

    fall in love 

    12 oz of earthy herbs and fresh pine dewy with droplets of juicy fruits and the sweet nectar of botanicals.

    reminisce the past 

    12 oz of dark woodsy tonka, amber and patchouli, lightly infused with sweet berries, violet, and tropical florals.

    dive into the flow 

    12 oz of eucalyptus, cedarwood, amber, musk and citrus, reminiscent of beachy waters and lofty aromas of ozone, plum, cardamom and florals.

    lose yourself