Author Candlelight

Billyne Piquion is a Houston-based creative writer obsessed with the art of storytelling. From journalism articles, short stories to poems and screenplays, her goal is to create stories with works that either challenge the audience’s views/perspective or expose their true selves. She has gone on to publish personal works under the pen name Queen Billyne, creating the poetry book series Black Free Me which won her Author of The Year during the 2020 Haitian Who Blog Creative Award. For over 10 years, Billyne has dedicated her professional writing career to publishing articles for New You Magazine, The Urban Play and The Everythinger.

Black Free Me: Rollercoaster is Book 3 of the Black Free Me series and was born from the painful rollercoaster of Billyne’s emotional growth between 2019 and 2020. Similar to everyone in the world at that time, the COVID pandemic infiltrated Billyne’s life. But with the solitude from that delicate time, chose to face herself. She asked herself questions like, “Who am I really? … How do I really feel about myself and life?” On the other side of those questions was a stronger, more mature Billyne who she is sure would not exist if not for that season.

Relateable. Raw. Human. These were the words projected throughout my mind as I read the poems of Black Free Me: Rollercoaster. I felt as though I’d been given privilege to read Billyne’s journal from a golden season of her life. Each poem reads like a journal entry, filled with emotions so richly authentic and familiar to my own. And like a journal (well like my personal journal), every other page is stamped with a simple note-to-self. Sometimes an affirmation, sometimes a revelation – each note-to-self sits in solitude within the room of a blank page, reflective and soft. 

Billyne weaves themes of friendship, unrequited love, intimacy, healthy love, and self-discovery throughout Black Free Me that promote healing from the ashes of her vulnerability to the light of the reader. I am grateful to provide a spotlight for this beautiful author of color whose enriching work encourages self-care and mental health awareness for those who experience it.

Black Free Me 1 is available on Kindle Unlimited and Black Free Me: Rollercoaster is available individually and within a Good Feels Box in the Candescent Books online store. Black Free Me 1: Thoughts UNCENSORED, Life Observed and Black Free Me 2 will be available as a full print collection in 2024. 


Yereima Layne
5.0 out of 5 stars Exceeded expectations
"In this book I was able to navigate an array of emotions from the writers perspective and my own from when I experienced love, happiness, betrayal and heartbreak in my early twenties. This book helped me reflect and relate on the emotions I suppressed then and allowed me to realize that I am human, that each emotion is needed to be experienced fully throughout this journey called life. She did a phenomenal job capturing how individuals feel when they’re at their most vulnerable state."
Rachael Calhoun
5.0 out of 5 stars Very Relatable, Deep, Uplifting, Real, Inspiring
"I loved the way the author opened up about her way of life and how she went through seasons of her troubles and trials and how it ultimately made her to who she is today. Rollercoasters are a way of life, there’s no need to run from them and she was able to paint that picture to show her ups and down with friendships and relationships to let the readers know that "'life doesn’t give you what you want …. It gives you what you deserve'"
"I give this a rating a 5 out of 5 stars! This book of poems are truly relatable! Each poem speaks to your soul and you can definitely fine a piece in here to relate to emotionally or mentally. I really enjoyed reading this book by Queen Billyne and will continue supporting her writing."