Connection is Community

Connection is Community

written by Dani Scott 

Below is a collection of excerpts from pieces I have written in the past that now carry additional meaning for me. I've mixed in some words that my best friend, Brittany (owner of Candescent Books) has given me as I’ve moved through some connections of my own. The things in quotes are from her. I felt it would be special to share these words with you all! Enjoy…

nervous (or not) but finding ways to say what we are feeling and desiring 

inviting others into a beautiful connecting, one we don’t often know is awaiting us 

“time spent that’s transformative” for each being present

“a conduit for elevation” 

“a validation of a long-awaited desire to attract more people to connect with deeply”

“it’s special and an explanation of our minds grasp of what it means to connect” here and now 

a knowing that turns into a “trusting in ones intuition and that the things desired aren’t being withheld”

our soul knows and has been guiding us through experiences, developed desires, and the unfolding of what relating is through connection 

the depth of another that stimulates parts in us our soul comprehends and existence tries to fully embrace

you for you, me for me, and we for each other

our mind tries to make sense of it, but grows exhausted from the unexplainable connections built and made

all it can conjure up is this is unique to me, us, a tender need 


a connecting so infinite, deep, and destined 

where evolving is our purpose, a beauty we were meant to experience, and shining bright is being seen through the reflection we give to one another

a reflection like a mirror seeing each other through one another 

it has started with us and is what’s led me to you and you to me

nothings perfect, but it’s expansive here

facing our fears of being seen and in some cases being loved right where we are and finding safety there

understanding the complexities of humans coming together to relate as they continue to live autonomously while simultaneously creating and nurturing connection

coming together to support one another and allowing the room for love’s evolution in us, through us, and for us to happen

where i’m sacred to you, as you are to me, and as our relating is to each other

connection is the ease in the chaos and provides a grounding to our souls no matter how short lived…..

it’s something we truly can’t exist without and something we’ll never forget haven had with another living existence 

we are constantly reaching for this and isn’t something we should be ashamed of but instead acknowledge, embrace, and respect it’s reaching as a part of what it means to be alive in various forms and from life time to life time…..

connection doesn’t die it shifts into evolution. It teaches, stretches, and shines light on a deepening into each of our purposes here

we are never alone, always amongst, always near….

before we entered this lifetime and through lived experiences 

i chose you, as you chose me

fully experiencing it from the beginning to forever we each other as one

Thank you for being here, for connecting with me, for the opportunity to expand community together! 

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