Want To Be A Better Person? Read Fiction!

Want To Be A Better Person? Read Fiction!

by Brittany

Now, I am definitely not one to judge another's book preference. There's just so many to choose from and this is one time where I'd totally recommend you caress the pages of as many books as you please, when you please because you don't have to settle down with just one (wink). But Candescent Books is a fiction bookstore, by preference (hehe), so it is only right that I beef up the benefits of reading FICTION BOOKS (:

When you think of reading to obtain knowledge on how to grow as a person & overcome life's challenges, you may automatically lean towards reading a good self-help or personal development book to guide you where you want to go. As I'm sure you know (and if you didn't), both self-help and personal development books are considered non-fiction. The kicker to this idea is that recent research suggests that reading fiction enhances decision-making skills, empathy, emotional intelligence, social acuity and opens the mind... just to name a few!

Fiction books often paint vivid images of characters within foreign or imaginative lands and plot developments that spark our interests and ability to relate. Whether a reader is fully submersed in a character's or plot's development or just reading objectively, their ability to understand widens (subconsciously or consciously) as does their perspective-taking. Witnessing a character's emotional or mental processing provides us with alternative scenarios and possibilities. The realization of a book's theme helps arouse inner reflection and, sometimes introspection, depending on the theme. 

Growth is extended beyond the binds of books when we as readers decide to share our questions, thoughts, and perspectives from our readings with another. This engages people in thoughtful and sometimes vulnerable discussions that challenge thinking and elevate the mind. These are also discussions that may not have otherwise been provoked and create space to build connections with people whose inner thoughts aren't as easily vocalized.  

Furthermore, reading fiction helps us to disengage from reality (my favorite pro) which in turn decreases stress, increases creativity by lessening our need for cognitive closure, supports memory retention, and makes us FEEL GOOD - In fact, people who read fiction frequently tend to be happier!! 

Could it take the place of your regular evening wine? .................. let's not push it. 

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